About US

According to the Census 2011, more than a fifth of the population speaks isiZulu at home. Unfortunately, when it comes to public policy development and issues such as business and political economy, isiZulu and other indigenous languages are not prominently used or taken seriously.

Bayede Newspaper is positioned as a quality weekly isiNguni newspaper targeting a niche market, interested in a critical approach to policy formulation and implementation, politics, cultural heritage, current affairs, rural and economic development. In addition to its quality coverage, Bayede Newspaper also contains an influential opinion section with several, revered columnists. The publication carries special reports on rural development, public policy, budgets and cultural heritage as well as once-off supplements on a range of topics.

The publication was created to be different from the start. We don’t cover every story rather we invest in stories with a legacy value – with huge context and sweep thus our stories have a longer shelf life. Combining newsroom experience, knowledge of language and clean layout is our winning formula. Every week our readers do not only enjoy informative articles, analysis and breaking stories but they also learn more about isiZulu as a language. Each edition comes with in-depth writing supported by a lively design and layout format, photographs and illustrations. The information is compressed and written such that all sectors of our society can read and understand the meaning.

As a publication, we believe that in South Africa today, there is broad-based readership of isiZulu and other isiNguni-speaking people who prefer their news to be in-depth and insightful. These are active citizens who are willing to participate beyond elections. This reality informs our editorial policy and approach to news.

Our readers are among professionals, academics, traditional leaders, senior government officials and small and medium business owners. For advertisers we bring you the opportunity of not only enhancing your brand equity, but also communicating with more than a fifth of the population. As a modern newspaper we recognize the power of social and mobile media thus we have embraced digital media platforms and culture. Our website bayedenews.com presents constantly updated news and alerts, news blogs, streaming audio (Bayedenewspodcast), downloadable multimedia content, exclusive multimedia features (video and photojournalism).

We invite you to partner with us as we ensure that majority of citizens have access to information and quality news in their own language.